We provide you Best Forex VPS services, Which Allows you to Execute your stock trading transactions with Ease.




SSD Space: 50Gb

Bandwidth: 1TB

Ram: 2Gb

Processors: 1core

MT4/MT5 Startup Program

MT4/MT5 Optimization

24/7 Support

Any Trading Platform



SSD Space : 50GB

Bandwidth :1TB

Ram: 2 Gb

Processors: 1 core

MT4/MT5 Startup Program

MT4/MT5 Optimization

24/7 Support

Any Trading Platform



SSD Space : 100GB

Bandwidth :1TB

Ram: 4 Gb

Processors: 2 core

MT4/MT5 Startup Program

MT4/MT5 Optimization

24/7 Support

Any Trading Platform



SSD Space : 150GB

Bandwidth :2TB

Ram: 8 Gb

Processors: 2 core

MT4/MT5 Startup Program

MT4/MT5 Optimization

24/7 Support

Any Trading Platform

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How Does the Forex VPS Works ?

Forex VPS services allow you to perform trading from any location, using any device, having any OS. FOREX VPS mak use of a virtual private server, having own server resources and Operating System that is located at your respective service provider’s datacenter. This allows you to use VPS resoruces 24/7, providing high-speed internet connection and data storage with utmost level of security and a stable and reliable support.

What Is VPS Hosting?VPS Hosting

VPS (Virtual Private Server) hosting is one of the most popular hosting services you can choose for your website. It uses virtualization technology to provide you with dedicated (private) resources on a server with multiple users. It usually occurs in a small scale and can buy in cheaper rates instead renting entire server.

What Is Benefit of Using Windows Forex VPS Hosting ?

Firstly it offers more flexible and variable options for the administrators. Secondly it has been in the race for the lonWindows VPS Hostingg time, which allow them to offer software with plenty of benefits and experience behind it. They may have also got long standing relationship between business and operating systems. One of the most amazing part is the interface and control system to manage and edit data on the web-pages and other databases and do similar tasks. It is said that they have got high level of technical support and security. The windows has got a long years of experience in interest and has a lot dignity which tends them to be in one of the well-known and leading VPS hosting providers.



Our VPS Have Very low Latency which Help you Execute your Trades with no Issue.


Our FOREX VPS are Compatible with any Trading Platform


Our VPS are Highly Secured which Prevents any Issue that stops you from TRADING.

99.99% Uptime

With Our FOREX VPS get the Best Uptime which Will let you take Trades Without any problem.

Fully Managed

Our FOREX VPS are Fully Managed which provides you the ease of Trading.

High Speed

Experience the High Speed FOREX VPS at Low price.

Best Prices

Get the Forex VPS at the Cheap Prices within your Budget.


Our VPS comes with Pre Installed Software within the VPS price.

24 X 7 Customer Support

Get the Best Customer Support So that your Trading Experience is Excellent.


►Why do I need a Forex VPS?

You need Forex VPS because it provides you with the following benefits :-

  1. Your Trading Terminal WIll be running 24X7 on a remote desktop Supported by latest hardware technology.
  2. We Provide You FOREX VPS with Ultra Low Latency
  3. With FOREX VPS your Slippage Issue are resolve to a large extent which provides you the ease of Trading.
  4. Our FOREX VPS comes With Strong Backup and Security

►How is the Payment Process ?

First you need to Fill the Form on the Contact US page , After that our FOREX VPS expert will contact you and Fill you in with all the VPS related Information and will further guide you with the Payment Process.

►Is there any Trial Period ?

No we don't allow any Trial period. Our Services are Top Notch which will Provide you Service with Ultimate Satisfaction.

►How much technical knowledge do I need?

Our FOREX VPS are very much User Friendly and Easy to use. You Will be Using the Remote Desktop Software To connect and Begin Your Trading Activity. You can Contact us TO know more about the FOREX VPS

►Does This VPS support all the Platform ?

Yes Our FOREX VPS supports all the Trading Platform