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Cheap Forex Vps

There are many people having this query, Is Forex trading legal in India? Forex trading can be both legal and illegal in India Confused ?? Well Forex trading is also known as currency trading in India where a decentralised Foreign exchange enables foreign currencies to exchange for a specific rate. Forex trading somewhat relates to equity trading but differs as in equity trading there is the share price and in Forex trading is the exchange rates. Foreign exchange is the exchange of one currency to another foreign currency, where one currency is the base currency and other is the quote currency. The base currency is the basis on which the exchange for foreign currency is decided.

Base currency is the domestic currency of the country where the trader resides and the quote currency is the one which the trader wants to deal with. For Example- The trader residing in India having the base currency of Indian rupees (INR) and quote currency of  Dollars (USD) for United states.

Though the real question is whether forex trading is legal in India?

For some forex trading platforms, it is illegal and for some it is legal. No citizen in India can undertake any forex trading transactions through any online or elctronic trading platform. The RBI had proposed a circular in 2013 stating that overseas forex trading is prohibited through any elctronic or internet trading plaftorm.

Forex trading can be legal, if only done through registered Indian Forex brokers and is only legal if the base currency is of India i.e. a trader residing in India cannot deal with both the transactions being of foreign currencies.

There are even certain restrictions that the citizens of India cannot send funds overseas to any foreign exchange brokers.

In India there are some important rules and regulatuions set by RBI and SEBI to govern the activites of Forex trading. Depending on certain condition you can carry on the transactions, but under legal boundaries.

Being an Indian citizen, it becomes very important to carry all the forex trading transactions legally in India to not fall into circumstances of being penalised highly or imprisonment.

How can forex trading be done in India?

Before trading for foreign exchange in India, you must know the rules and regulations of central authorities governing the activities of forex trading that are RBI (Reserver Bank of India) and SEBI ( Securities exchange board of India). The first step is to open a forex trading account in India with a SEBI registered broker. Once the account is created, the trader can carry all its foreign exchange transactions through an authorised foreign trading platform.

Forex trading may have different rules, policies and regulations for different countries. A trader must have the perfect knowledge of it’s country’s rules before performing forex trade. Therefore a trader must comply wirth the rules of forex trading for their respective country to perform legally and never fall into troubles like imprisonment.

Forex trading can be risky but can be beneficial too. To ensure that you end up with benefits, get your forex trading connected through a Forex VPS. Forex VPS enables you to catch bullet speed to place your order. The loss occuring due to time differences can be eliminated through Forex VPS as it makes it happen in miliseconds

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MetaTrader4 Vs CTrader, Which platform is better in 2019 https://www.tradingstacks.com/2019/02/21/metatrader4-vs-ctrader-which-platform-is-better-in-2019/ https://www.tradingstacks.com/2019/02/21/metatrader4-vs-ctrader-which-platform-is-better-in-2019/#respond Thu, 21 Feb 2019 07:37:01 +0000 https://www.tradingstacks.com/?p=5574 MetaTrader4 Vs CTrader, Which platfrom is better
Metatrader vs Ctrader

Forex trading has been a profitable investment for many forex traders because on increasing rates of stocks. Therefore, more and more Forex traders are joining in this league to seek out the super normal profit. trading from different countries could be a difficult task though as you have to connect with your broker and choose a particular platform to trade. Due to huge differences in distance, the process of execution of order received by broker and then the placing of order takes a hell lot of time. These time lags can turn into major losses to the traders because of continuous changes in prices.

MetaTrader4 Vs CTrader, Which platfrom is better
Time lag Indicator

These time lags can be eliminated with the help of VPS services where you can use a VPS server to connect your broker and execute your order in milliseconds. This ensures that you are trading on the same price on which you booked it. While trading, certain trading platforms are required where the forex trading transactions can be performed. One of the major trading platforms are the MetaTrader4 and CTrader. They are also one of the popular trading platforms and go edge to edge in their competition. So let’s figure out the major differences between these platforms name MetaTrader and CTrader and lets measure their configuration, pros and cons.


MetaTrader4 Vs CTrader, Which platfrom is better

Starting off with MetaTrader4 which is specifically developed for Forex traders has been their in the market from a while.MetaTrader 4 was developed in 2005 by Meta Quotes and has quickly earned interests of many Forex traders. It uses a programming language called MQL4 and has been adopted by many coders. It also allows the users to customize their trading transactions according their needs. It’s flexible customization features and advantages have made it to be a popular choice resulting into its extensive growth leading to a rise in need of Expert Advisors (EAs) and indicators.

Benefits of MetaTrader4

  • Provides feasibility in using different trading tools
  • Provides number of variety of chart Types and lines.
  • Helps you to save your templates and profile.
  • Helps you to connect and integrate easily with your Expert Advisors and indicators.
  • Widely considered by Forex Brokers and is used by most of the brokers.


MetaTrader4 Vs CTrader, Which platfrom is better
Ctrader – trading platform

Whereas, coming to CTrader, it came up as the hardest competitor of MetaTrader4 as it aimed to improve on all those aspects lacking in Meta Trader 4. After reviews from certain traders, it was analysed that it looks more professional with better features. Due to there extra added features, its user’s base increased and started getting referred by many Brokers to offer CTrader as an alternative platform. CTrader mostly concentrates on looks and features which it highly boasts. It allows you to have multiple exits prompting Advance order protection. It allows you to observe Market Depth and also allows you to create a watch list for a less-cluttered trading space.

Benefits of CTrader

  • Provides a professional feel to perform stock trading.
  • Promotes Advance Order Protection
  • Allows you to observe Market Depth.
  • Helps you to connect and integrate pre-coded Indicators known as C bots.
  • Provides Different Timetable settings.
  • It helps you to know about the general sentiments of every trader (from a specific broker) through Sentiment Indicator.

Going through the functionalities and features of both the platforms MetaTrader4 and CTrader, bth the platforms have a higher share of usage among users and Brokers in the market. Both platforms have proven themselves with their distinct features and feasible transactions. Therefore, it is difficult to measure which platform is above whom. It certainly depends upon the needs of the trader which can probably suit their interests.
Tradingstacks provide you VPS services for Forex trading for both MetaTrader4 and CTrader with its added on VPS features. Get your Forex VPS plan now from Tradingstacks.

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Three Major Ways To Have a Successful Forex Trading Business https://www.tradingstacks.com/2019/02/14/three-major-ways-to-have-a-successful-forex-trading-business/ https://www.tradingstacks.com/2019/02/14/three-major-ways-to-have-a-successful-forex-trading-business/#respond Thu, 14 Feb 2019 11:34:45 +0000 https://www.tradingstacks.com/?p=5570 Stock Trading from different locations have always been a difficult task but a productive one too. It could yield huge benefits or can incur huge losses at the same time with price falls. Trading at the prevailing or the current price should be done with the proper measures of forecasting and decision-making in order to come up with a profitable investment.

Though trading from different locations through your computer and your respected broker can take a lot of time to execute your order. These time lags could result into huge losses to the businesses as stock prices change in frequent times and there might be a situation where the order placed on a specific rate is executed on a much higher price of stock because of late execution and fast changes in price. This could turn out to be an expensive investment incurring loss of higher price to pay for lesser stocks.

Hence, to eliminate these losses, Tradingstacks introduce you with the uses of a VPS server to minimise these time lags and let you to execute your orders in miliseconds. We provide you the services of Forex VPS which could help you to trade effectively.

Though We are going to list down 3 major measures or ways which should be followed and implemented in order to have a successful Trading investment

Forex Trading Platforms

1) Establish your goal and work accordingly

Without Goal there’s no direction. The most important step is to frame your goals to have a particular direction of actions devoted within given time frames. Setting up of goals related to your investment and expected returns would help you maintain your motivation, organize learning process, and quickly move to the desired results. The basic goal for a beginner trading company should be the developments of trader’s skills, abilities and experience. Achieving this goal of developing traders would lead to master in necessary techniques which would ultimately lead you to achieve your stock trading goals with effective trading strategies.2 Set up VPS server and a particular trading platform

2) Set up VPS server and a particular trading platform

As discussed earlier, VPS server can do a real good in trading transactions eradicating time lags and latencies. Use VPS server on home PC to have a stable connection and continuous access to the trading account. It promotes stability in its functioning even if the computer runs out, making sure that your settings are still working on your trading platform and your trading account is protected too. After logging into VPS , you are capable to start with setting up of your forex trading platform be it NinjaTrader, MetaTrader or any other platforms.

3) Building personal qualities

Qualities here implies that a trader should have an attitude of coordinating with Forex trading  like having patience, discipline, objectivity and diverting your emotions against your trading. Qualities like Discipline will help you in moments where your system spurs you into active action or when you should throw up the game. Having patience and discipline will lead you to manage all the complications and hurdles easily. This in-turn helps you to frame right decisions at right time.

Performing stock trading is not an easy task as it could cost you alot if executed wrongly without any knowledge. You should always get a detailed idea of companies and their fluctuations in prices at different times and should also have a proper forecasting strategy in order to make it a beneficial deal. 

Therefore, following the above ways would help you alot to execute a successful order and benefit with better returns. We here at Tradingstacks provide you some really cost-effective ForexVPS plans to provide VPS services to your stock trading and help you trade in milliseconds.

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NinjaTrader with Forex VPS making your trading transactions convenient https://www.tradingstacks.com/2019/02/02/ninjatrader-with-forex-vps-making-your-trading-transactions-convenient/ https://www.tradingstacks.com/2019/02/02/ninjatrader-with-forex-vps-making-your-trading-transactions-convenient/#respond Sat, 02 Feb 2019 08:34:17 +0000 https://www.tradingstacks.com/?p=5558

Forex trading has been a need for every stock trader to make money. With the benefits of VPS services, stock trading has become a lot more beneficial as it promotes minimal latencies and reduced time lags which could help you to escape from unnecessary losses. You get multiple advantages like reliability, scalability, professional service and most importantly the psychological aspect of gaining peace of mind in your trading.

forex Vps India, Cheap forex vps india, forex vps , forex vps cost

NinjaTrader promotes a highly comprehensive and flexible environment for traders to build rich and integrated applications.To perform Forex transactions, one platform is considered as the most efficient and effective one to trade, named as NinjaTrader. NinjaTrader is a 64-bit application which is used for advanced charting, market analytics, trade simulation and trading system development. It is one of the most popular trading platforms which also benefits with thousands of add-on apps and hundreds of developers working on it.

Ninja trader

Advantages of NinjaTrader

NinjaTrader can enable hosting traders with advantages like.

  1. Built exclusively for running NinjaTrader.
  2. promotes fast execution of orders.
  3. Can run endlessly for 24 hours even if your PC is turned off.
  4. Allows portability to trade wherever and whenever you want with any device having any OS.
  5. Can run Automated systems perfectly.

Advantages of TradingStacks Vps

cheap forex vps india, cheap forex vps , forex vps india , forex vps dedicated server

Tradingstacks VPS servers can be a profitable and economical investment for you as we provide the following features for hosting NinjaTrader as:

  • We promise that the internet connectivity is up all the time.
  • We assure zero power outages.
  • We have our VPS services focused for traders only.
  • Our VPS services can be upgraded easily.
  • Your automated systems can run uninterruptedly with no uncertainties revolving around.
  • Minimal latencies for your retail brokers.
  • We promote utmost administrative functionalities.
  • We ensure that all the slippages are reduced significantly.
  • Utmost scalability.
  • 24/7 support with a professional support team monitoring whole system status and network.

We here at Tradingstacks excel in providing VPS services and we provide the most effective services of VPS servers for stack trading. We also provide Forex VPS plans with NinjaTrader platform to make your trading more efficient. 

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How does FOREX VPS works ? https://www.tradingstacks.com/2019/01/23/how-does-forex-vps-works/ https://www.tradingstacks.com/2019/01/23/how-does-forex-vps-works/#respond Wed, 23 Jan 2019 12:20:13 +0000 https://www.tradingstacks.com/?p=5531

Being a stock trader, you might have gone through a thought that, whether you could trade online in miliseconds no matter wherever you are located, chilling at home with some cappucino. This sounds so good and satisfying but can that be a real picture?

Forex vps Software - meta trader 4
Forex vps Software - meta trader 4
Forex vps Software - jforex
Forex vps Software - jforex

Well, using Forex VPS services could make this a real picture as they allow you to perform trading from any location, using any device, having any OS. FOREX VPS makes use of a virtual private server, having own server resources and Operating System that is located at your respective service provider’s datacenter. This allows you to use VPS resoruces 24/7, providing high-speed internet connection and data storage with utmost level of security and a stable and reliable support

So the effective services of a VPS server has been combined with stock trading transactions making it to be more convinient, secure, fast and a reliable connection. With VPS services, you can trade from any location in miliseconds with minimal latencies and no time lags. This could save you from incurring huge losses caused due to continuos changes in the stock prices. As with continuous changes in stock prices, trading physically from a greater distance could cost you lot of time making it to be an uneconomical decision for you.

Being known about the brilliant features of VPS services getting combined with trading transactions, it is also importnat to know that how does VPS services makes stock trading happen in this productive manner?

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This process involves some powerful hardwares, special equipments and an experienced team of technical professionals who can manage VPS well. A VPS unit consists of several components with each component functioning individually. Once your server software gets installed, you’ll be alloted some place on server’s resources like disk space, RAM and CPU. This makes the Virtual private server work entirely as a dedicated server giving you root access to the server. This makes your trading application able to work continuously without any interupptions

FOREX VPS provides you a 24/7 running trading terminal along with providing access to Remote desktop connection from any place at any time.  It provides you high  performance with utmost security and control making it to be completely reliable as well. Because of the convinient features provided by these FOREX VPS services, Forex traders are finding it prominent to trade because of the low latencies and less timelags making it to be an economical and stable decison for them. 

We here at Tradingstacks provide you the efficient features  of FOREX VPS as we have been in this VPS industry from past 10 successful years and have proved to be one of the best above others. We provide you reasonable plans for your Forex transactions to make you earn in miliseconds.

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